Project Services International Corporation, Inc.

One-stop-shop for Diplomatic Missions: Company registered in Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, and USA.

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Goods and Services

Information Technology: Our Company's primary focus is to provide the U.S. federal government and UN in Latin America with information technology services such as desktop computers, servers, network equipment, CCTV, and educational digital platforms support. Additionally, our company coordinates with local partners to provide U.S. Embassies and UN with localized services.

Facilities and Infrastructure Services: These services include refurbishing all types of facilities, construction, installation of hangers,  design and installation of electrical equipment, solar energy systems, and refurbishing airport runways.  Additionally, we refurbish and transform sealand  containers into offices, sleeping facilities, and bathrooms.  Moreover, our team has provided military and national police base maintenance services in Latin America.

Logistics Support Services: Our Company’s logistics subject matter experts have experience in traditional business operations and in field environments such as those found in jungle or remote field locations. The logistics services include transporting, receiving, warehousing, distributing, and temporary lodging, providing meal services, and electrical power generation.

Training Services: Our training team is composed of people with extensive experience in management, administration, logistics, IT, and law enforcement, and military security tactics. We assist our customers with design, installation, and testing of digital learning management platforms (LMS) such as Moodle and others. We have installed these systems at national police academies, universities, and public schools. Locations have included Mexico, Central America, Colombia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our Internship Program: As part of our goal of giving back to the communities, we established an Internship Program with focus on underserved communities. Presently our program is operating in Colombia, but it is expanding to countries in Latin America. In addition to online training courses, Interns have the opportunity to learn from our experienced team members. In some cases, such as in Colombia, Interns physically visit and practice at our office. Available tools include computers, printers, digital scanners, video equipment, interactive displays, and the latest project management software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Google Sheet, and Smartsheet, latest artificial intelligence platforms, electronics and robotics learning kits.

Objective: Train interns from selected schools in Latin America on how to manage projects and learn other job skills.

Job Skills: Project Management, International Logistics, Accounting, Security Systems (CCTV), Facility Maintenance Management, Digital Recording, Electronics & Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mutual Benefits: Interns gain valuable job skills and our organization benefits from interns’ contribution to the proposal development process.

Interns Learning Benefits:

  • Project management
  • International experience
  • Work experience
  • Operation of Diplomatic Missions
  • Practice Remote Work
  • Possibility of Employment With PSI
  • Work with experts
  • Teamwork
  • Use of Digital Tools
  • Labor Competitive Advantage

Participation: Students in grade 8 or higher can participate in the internship program, with school permission and parents’ consent.